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Frieda Brown, PhD

BA Psychology – UNC-Chapel Hill

MA Psychology – UNC-Chapel Hill

PhD Clinical/Community Psychology – University of Louisville

MA Christian Studies – Duke University Divinity School

Dr. Brown has worked around horses for 25 years but only in the last three has she called them colleagues. She is a highly accomplished and experienced clinician who provides leadership for the Triple Play clinical team, consults regarding program development and also treats a limited number of clients at the farm.  Her favorite part of the job at Triple Play is the collaborative approach to the healing process.  She has seen the healing power of sessions at the farm and looks forward to continuing to learn about theory and technique related to nature based interventions.

A favorite TPF client story:
"One of my favorite moments from a client session was seeing the sheer joy on the face of a child who had experienced severe abuse as she stood in the middle of the chicken coop surrounded by all of the hens."  


Sean Fowler, Psy.D.

BA Psychology - East Carolina University

MS Clinical Psychology - Georgia Southern University

PsyD Clinical Psychology - Georgia Southern University

Clinical interests: Depression, relationship problems, work/life stress, histories of trauma, problems of college/early adulthood, and anxiety.

Sean’s primary way of practicing aims to help individuals resolve their problems by increasing awareness of their inner world and its influence on the present and past. Sean's goal is to offer a private and confidential setting to facilitate the identification of patterns and develop the tools to change them. The human-equine interaction is a medium that allows clients and Sean to notice these patterns and respond to them within the moment. At the farm, Sean offers both equine facility psychotherapy as well as the option to meet individually in a office setting.


Cecelia Myers,  LPC, RPT-S, DCC, NCC

BA Psychology – UNC-Charlotte

MA Counseling – UNC-Charlotte

Clinical interests: Anxiety, life transitions, social skills, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, grief and loss, anger management, ADHD, parenting skills training, and co-parenting training.

Cecelia is a registered play therapist who has been in private practice for ten years.  Prior to her return to Charlotte in 2016, she was the owner/director of Marietta Counseling for Children and Adults, located in metro Atlanta, where she provided counseling support for children, adolescents, and families. Cecelia involves families in the therapeutic process and provides guidance on parenting as she believes that an integrated approach with children and their families is essential. She is a trained Parent Coordinator and has rich experience providing support for children whose parents are experiencing or have experienced divorce or separation, extensive experience in social skills training and providing support for children and adolescents experiencing anger, anxiety/OCD and difficulties due to ADHD.  Her certified therapy dog, Cocoa, has been an integral part of her office based work for years.

Cecelia has always loved and owned horses, but only recently discovered that there was a way to combine her passion for horses and her gift of counseling.  She has completed both the Natural Lifemanship Fundamentals and Intensive trainings as well as the OK Corral Series Family training. She is excited to begin offering equine facilitated therapy at Triple Play as she firmly believes in the healing connection with the animals and the way that many clients can be well served at the farm when more traditional therapies have not been effective.

Chris Nealy, LCSW, MSW

BA Sociology – UNC-Chapel Hill

MSW – UNC-Chapel Hill

Clinical interests: Individuals and families affected by Autism, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and behavioral management challenges. He also conducts Social Theatre groups for children and teens with Autism to work on communication, social skills, creativity, flexibility, and more.

Chris began working in the autism community in 2003 by providing direct support to individuals affected by ASD. He has served in a variety of roles including in-home support, case management, services coordination, clinical diagnostics and intervention, and public training. Chris earned his Master of Social Work at UNC-Chapel Hill, where his studies focused on working with families affected by ASD, and included internships at Wake County Preschool Services and Division TEACCH. 

Chris was introduced to the world of EFP shortly after beginning his clinical career by observing his first EFP session and participating with an EFL group, both at TPF. Now by spending more time in the pasture than he does in the office, Chris brings a wonderfully collaborative and creative approach to therapy at the farm. His favorite part of his job is having the opportunity to “work” outside of an office with the horses and wonderful co-workers; he feels as though practicing EFP has led him to be a more mindful husband, father, friend and clinician.

A Favorite TPF Client Story:
“A client was struggling with confidence in his decisions and experiencing constant frustration. After several sessions of trying unsuccessfully to get his selected horse to follow him in the round pen, he finally let himself accept the difficulty of the moment by expressing sadness instead of anger, and lowering his body and energy to the ground. Within minutes of his release of so much emotional and physical tension, his horse approached him and nuzzled his face. The client recognized he could not force the horse to trust him; that he needed to trust himself before others would give him a chance.”


Rosie Molinary, Author, Educator

BA in African-American Studies and Urban Education Issues – Davidson College
MFA-Creative Writing – Goddard College

CPR/First Aid
Mental Health First Aid

Rosie empowers women and girls to embrace their authentic selves so they can live their passion and purpose and give their gifts to the world. She offers creative, life affirming workshops, transformative one-on-one retreats, writes on authenticity, self-acceptance and purpose, and teaches courses on body image at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. She is the author of Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self Acceptance and Hijas Americanas: Beauty, Body Image, and Growing Up Latina. TPF is thrilled to have had Rosie on our team since we started offering EFL programs in 2010. She teaches all of our EFL (equine facilitated learning) retreats, with a particular emphasis on women’s retreat offerings. Her warmth and wisdom are a vital addition to our team.

Rosie stands behind the effectiveness of EFL because she feels it offers powerful lessons about how we are in the world in an inspiring and efficient way. To quote an attendee in one of Rosie’s EFL sessions – “…the horses give you what you need, not what you ask for and it’s hard to miss the point when a 1000 pound animal is making it.” Rosie’s favorite part of her job is being immersed in the full sensory experience – from the smell of the horses, to the texture of their hair, to being seen by a horse.

Learn more about Rosie at

A Favorite TPF Client Story:
“I love seeing women in the round pen come to life with the idea that they can express their expectations and the awareness that when they choose to know what they are after and communicate that desire, it can happen for them. Seeing that experience never gets old.”

Equine & Animal Specialists

Kris Batchelor, Founder/Owner - Operations Director

BA English Literature – University of Virginia

EAGALA, OK Corral and PATH Intl. Certified Equine Specialist
PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Trauma Focused EAP/Natural Lifemanship/Rhythmic Riding

Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level 2 graduate
Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue training
   CPR/First Aid

   Mental Health First Aid Instructor

   Certified HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response Canine/Handler team [with Cooper]

Kris became involved with animal assisted therapy over fifteen years ago, starting with therapy dog visitation and teaching therapeutic riding to adults with traumatic brain injuries. However, the world of equine therapy as a mental health intervention compelled her to create and grow Triple Play Farm. Motivated by the fact that what a horse offers in relationship can be healing in all areas of life, Kris now maintains a herd of seven horses and a premier facility offering equine-facilitated psychotherapy and learning.

Kris has seen firsthand that EFP/L create shifts for clients that have felt “stuck” in more traditional therapy. Her goal is to offer a peaceful, private environment where clients can work on goals with a supportive team and a group of animals that will always offer the unvarnished truth. Her favorite part of her job is watching clients achieve things that they didn’t imagine possible, and working with a team of colleagues who are smart, compassionate and dedicated to both the farm and the industry.

A Favorite TPF Client Story:
“One of my favorite moments was with a client who had been struggling with severe anxiety. She was very nervous about working with the horses, and as she entered the round pen, the horse plopped down in the sand and curled up like a cat. As we talked about the fact that prey animals don’t lie down unless they feel absolutely secure, she realized that the horse saw her as a safe place and opened her heart to him a bit. She said that she had never realized that, ‘vulnerability can be a positive thing.’”


Tracy Byrnes - Program Director

Fairleigh Dickinson University

PATH Intl. Equine Specialist
PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Trauma Focused EAP/Natural Lifemanship/Rythmic Riding
CPR/First Aid
Mental Health First Aid

A New Jersey native, Tracy grew up riding and caring for her own horses. Years after moving to Charlotte, Tracy began volunteering with a therapeutic riding program in 2005, and earned her PATH Intl. Instructor certification in the Spring of 2007. After spending 8 years on the therapeutic riding side of the equine therapy industry, Tracy was ready to expand her knowledge and experience toward mental health interventions.

Tracy believes in the effectiveness of EFP/L because she feels the environment allows individuals to open up in a unique way, and the horse’s softness (and sometimes toughness) encourages all ages to be their genuine selves. Her favorite part of her job is observing a client’s connection with their chosen horse as it develops over time.

A Favorite TPF Client Story:
“During an activity involving a mother and son when the son’s chosen horse gave him the courage to open up and talk to his mom to express his “real” feelings. If that horse could talk, I felt that the words to that young man were ‘you can say what you are thinking’. I am pretty sure that young man heard those words that day.”

Erica de Flamand {Shugg} - Marketing Director

BFA – University of Connecticut

PATH Intl. Equine Specialist
PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Trauma Focused EAP/Natural Lifemanship/RhythmicRiding
CPR/First Aid
Mental Health First Aid

Erica comes to TPF as an ES and TRI, with a traditional equestrian background. Originally from Connecticut, she brings over 20 years of a foundation built on classical Dressage, Hunt Seat and Combined Training and more than 15 years teaching both youth and adults. Certified as a PATH Intl. Therapeutic Instructor, Erica has worked with children who have special needs for over a decade, with a strong interest in the at-risk population.

Erica believes in the effectiveness of both EFP/L and therapeutic riding because of the transformative power of human-animal relationships – physically, mentally and emotionally. She believes the farm environment allows individuals who may be misunderstood in more traditional settings, the opportunity to truly belong somewhere without judgement or limitations. Her favorite part of her job is knowing that every day will be different than the one before, and all experiences at TPF not only better the clients, but the staff as well.

When not working with horses, Erica is a designer + photographer for her creative services boutique, The Summer House (

A Favorite TPF Client Story:
“To see a client who I have been working with for years, in two very different environments, not only grow in skill and confidence – but actually work through her struggles in the presence of the horses at TPF. To know that she leaves in a better state than she arrived, and to see the change in her over the past year, makes me feel as though her experience at TPF has given her the tools to be an independent, balanced, confident – and happy – young woman.”

Morgan Ridenhour

BS Psychology; BA English Literature-College of Charleston;
MA Clinical/Community Psychology-UNC-Charlotte

PATH Intl. Equine Specialist
CPR/First Aid
Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Morgan has a true gift with the horses and strikes a beautiful balance of rapport and respect with them. She loves teaching adolescent clients round pen technique and taking Moose Tracks for long drives around the farm. She is trained in equine massage and is also the artist behind the wonderful stall mural in the Triple Play barn.

Morgan stands behind the effectiveness of EFP/L because she feels as though individuals are more engaged and more willing to be vulnerable; more excited about coming to sessions, and more quickly able to achieve the changes they’re hoping for than in a traditional office setting. Her favorite part of her job is the relaxed, friendly environment, and working with both the two-, three- and four-legged staff.